Ritter-Kochbuch - cookbook for knights (german)

Ritter-Kochbuch - cookbook for knights (german)

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Wer sich also nicht nur mittelalterlich kleiden und so kämpfen möchte, sondern auch in der Art der Ritter zu speisen wünscht oder seinen Met und Käse nach überlieferter Weise selbst herstellen mag, der möge sich dieses Buch nicht entgehen lassen.

This cookbook is an inspiration and guidance on a culinary journey in the firelight glowing hearths and sumptuous tables of chivalry, but also for the knight-errant or merchant, who lives in an encampment or stays at a miserable inn and wants to enjoy a good meal before going to bed.
Varied hints and a lot of variations allow you to prepare historical recipes the traditional way or even with modern means.
If you want to dress not only like in the Middle Ages or to fight as in that time, but to dine in the way the knight did or to make your own mead and cheese according to the traditional way - this book shall not to be missed.

The book is written in German!